Principal’s Message

Dr. Ambilikutty Amma

HHMSPB NSS College is a premier institution striving for excellence with the blessings of our esteemed founder the late Padmabhushan Bharata Kesari Mannathu Padmanabhan. It has a prestigious position among the colleges in Thiruvananthapuram as a centre of academic and cultural excellence. The college prospers with the goodwill and patronage of the public and the guidance of the Nair Service Society.


Dr Ambilikutty Amma P has the academic excellence of 27 years of service in various colleges under the management of the Nair Service Society. She holds a PhD in Applied Botany from the University of Mangalore for her research in Utilisation of Cocoa By-products for the Production of Mycological Culture Media for Mass Multiplication of Biocontrol Agents, and has published and presented several research papers about the effective utilisation of cocoa. She has held a number of important academic positions at the college and university level, including Chairman of the Board of Examinations, University of Kerala and as NSS Programme Officer. Previous to taking over her responsibilities at this college, she was Associate Professor of Botany at Mannam Memorial NSS College, Kottiyam.


  • 1. Prof. C. Saradamma 1950-1970
  • 2. Prof. L. Bhargavi Amma 1970-1978
  • 3. Prof. C. G. Rajappan Nair 1978
  • 4. Prof. L. Bhargavi Amma 1978-1984
  • 5. Prof. K. P. Rugmini Amma 1984-1989
  • 6. Dr. P. B. Santha Devi 1989-1997
  • 7. Prof. K. Ravindran Nair 1997-1998
  • 8. Prof. V. Radhamani Kunjamma 1998-2001
  • 9. Dr. N. C. Santhakumari 2001-2004
  • 10. Dr. M.T. Sulekha 2004-2006
  • 11. Dr. C. R. Suseela Devi 2006-2008
  • 12. Dr. Kumari K. Prema 2008-2011
  • 13. Prof. K. Padmavathy 2011
  • 14. Dr. P. Vijayakumar 2011-2013
  • 15. Dr. Renjini Pillai 2013
  • 16. Dr. G. Sudhish 2013-14
  • 17. Dr. M.D. Ajithabai 2014-15
  • 18. Dr.Sandhya Gopinath 2015-16
  • 19. Dr. Ambilikutty Amma 2016-