College Union & Arts Club

Members of the College Union are elected from among the students as per the norms laid down by the University of Kerala. The Union will work for the benefit of students during the tenure stipulated in the election manual issued by the University. There will be staff advisors for the Union and arts club.

College Union 2013-14 released a magazine “ECHOES”

Union Advisor : Dr. M Sujatha(Dept. of Chemistry)

Arts Club Advisor : Dr. Kavitha V T (Dept. of Physics)

Parent TeacherAssociation

It has a number of objectives which include fostering good relations between parents and teachers, creating an ideal atmosphere among the students and the teaching staff of the college who are members of the association

Secretary: Dr. Sheeja P R (Dept. of Home Science)

Alumni Association

To maintain touch with the almamater, the old students of the college have formed an association. This association works for the general upliftment of the college and actively participates in various developmental programs.

Secretary : Dr. Reeja Ravindran (Dept. of Malayalam)

Athletic Association

The Principal as the President, a nominated staff member as Vice.president, a senior lecturer in Physical Education as secretary and the athletic captain will constitute the executive committee of the association. This committee will discuss all matters connected with the sports activities of the college.

Secretary : Dr. T. Vrinda Kumari (Dept. of Physical Edn.)

Association of Retired Teachers (ART)

All retired teaching staff of the college are members of ART. This is a common platform for all of them to meet and help each other. Their presence and blessings are welcomed by all of us.

Subject Associations

There are 14 subject associations, each headed by the President, Vice President, Secretary and class representatives. Activities related to the respective subjects will be organised by this association.