Department of Home Science

The Department of Home Science was established in 1958, being one of the earliest departments at NSS College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram. The department offers an Under Graduate Degree Programme in Home Science with options in Textiles and Apparel Designing, Food and Nutrition, Child Development and Welfare, Family Resource Management , Extension and Communication and Family Relations and Counseling (with electives and open courses)

Philosophy and Vision:

The philosophy of the Department is inclined towards the training of students in the multi disciplinary field of the study, which propagate the variety of roles and tasks involving contemporary family in community and social life. In essence, the programme involves a broad based study of family life involving the above options as well as application of these to improve aesthetic, social, economic, technical and scientific principles. Consequently, the department of Home Science trains the students in the above broad areas ensuring the production of highly skilled manpower through adoption of effective techniques of instructions, laboratory practical, field demonstration and workshop practices such that our graduates can choose to specialize in any of the relevant discipline

Milestones of the Department

1. Our students have dominated the top 5 rankings of Kerala University consistently for the past 15 years.
2. Providing financial aid to the upliftment of the weaker students of the department.
3. Providing endowments, scholarships and awards to promote academically talented students every year.
4. Exhibiting outstanding performance in extra curricular activities.
5. Active participation of Alumni Association (HOSA)

The mandate of the Department is to teach and conduct respect in all aspects of human resource management of the home, to improve our immediate and wider global environment. In order to achieve the above stated mandate, the Department is committed to achieve the following goals.

  • To make the department a unique centre for vocational training
  • To focus research efforts on area of relevance to our immediate environment, local and global family needs.
  • To encourage inter disciplinary co operation in research among staff and other external affiliation.
  • To train competent future leaders for the vocational and industrial sectors, government and non government establishment as well as the national and inter national organizations yearning for solutions to the family, community and national problems.

1. Participation in flower show

The students of the Department of Home Science participated in a flower show competition held at Kanakakunnu Place, Trivandrum. Students of the department Fathimi Shamna ( II DC), Annie B S and Nabeela Beevi (III DC) were the winners of the flower show.

2. Participation in Nelli fest

The students of the Department of Home Science participated in the Nelli Fest, 2014 which was organized by the Ayurvedic Research Institute.

3. Training on Flower arrangement and Candle making.

The department of Home Science and the department of Botany jointly organized one day training programme on flower arrangement and candle making.

4. Home Science Association inauguration

The Home Science Association for the academic year 2014-15 was successfully inaugurated by Greshma. S, the Senior Consultant Dietitian at SK Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram on 10/2/2015.

5. Talk on new trends in apparel designing

An invited talk was organized for the students of the department on new trends in apparel designing. The resource person of the programme was Mrs. Salju Jose.

6. Exhibition

The department organized an exhibition on 19/02/2015

7. National level workshop on mushroom cultivation

The Department of Home Science and the Department of Botany jointly organized a two day National Level Workshop “Earn while you learn”, a workshop on mushroom cultivation , sponsored by UGC, on 2nd and 3rd of March, 2015 in the seminar hall of the college.


1. Demonstration on flower arrangement

A demonstration class on flower arrangement was conducted by Mr. Sabu John

2. Nutritional Status Assessment Programme
The department of Home Science conducted a nutritional status assessment programme in Gauri Nagar, Neeramankara. Nutritional assessment was conducted on women of age group 30-50 years residing in Gauri Nagar.

3. Demonstration on wheat products

A demonstration on food products prepared with Kuthuvillaku products like wheat, maida and semolina were organized by the department of Home Science sponsored by Inner wheel Home Science Academy.

4. Cooking competition

Cooking competition on wheat products was conducted by QRS and Inner Wheel Home Science Academy in the department.

5. Short term course on Ayurvedic Sports medicine and the art of healthy living

The department of Home Science and Physical Education jointly organized a certificate course Ayurvedic Sports medicine and the art of healthy living in the academic year 2015-2016.

6. Alumni meet

On the golden jubilee year of the department, an Alumini Meet was conducted on 20th of February 2016.

7. Fevicol pedilite- liquid embroidery class

A professional class on liquid embroidery was conducted on 29th February 2016 for the students of Home Science department.

12. Association inauguration

The Home Science Association was inaugurated by Dr. Justine G Padamadan, Clinical Psychologist, Jubilee Memorial Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram.


1. Training Programme on Paper Bag Making

The programme was conducted with the objective to promote environment friendly socially useful product among the college students as well as to reduce the usage of plastic bags.

2. Onam celebration in Buds School

The students of the department celebrated their onam with differently abled students of Mahatmaji Buds school in Vilappil, Thiruvananthapuram.

3. Nutrition Awareness Programme in Gauri Nagar

A nutrition awareness programme was conducted by the final year students of the department in Gauri Nagar, Neeramankara. The programme was organized in the ICDS Centre. Students took classes on the importance of nutrition, balanced diet and the diet to be followed during certain disease conditions.

4. Training programme on baked products

The Department of Home Science organized a two day training programme on baked products - cake (Maida, chocolate, wheat, oats and carrot) and biscuits (oats, ragi, wheat and maida). Miss. Hima was the trainer of the programme.

5. Anti - Diabetic stall

A stall was organized by the students of Home Science Department in SK Hospital, Edapazhinji, Trivandrum as part of diabetic day. Diabetic tree, Diabetic square box, Diabetic food pyramid, Diabetic chart, anti diabetic bag with recipe book and games were the main attractions of the stall. A flash mob was also organized.

6. Diabetic camp and Talk on diabetes management

A diabetic camp was conducted in the Home Science Department. About 100 people participated in the camp.A talk on the topic “Diabetes and Lifestyles” was organized in association with the world diabetic day.

Rank Holders
Sl.No Year Name of the Rank holder Rank
1 2008 Rajasree.J II
2 2009 Sabeena.N III
3 2010 Saranya.S III
4 2011 Indu.I.S. III
5 2012 Rasmi I
6 2012 Anchu.A.S III
7 2014 Sanitha I
8 2014 Rejani L R III
9 2016 Fathimi Shamna II