Department of Physics


The Department of Physics, established in 1950, has been flourishing till date under the dedicated teamwork of the teachers. The Physics Main degree programme started in 1998. Since then, we have been able to contribute a notable number of well qualified graduates to the science community. We are proud to mention that the very second batch produced the first and the second ranks in the examinations of the University of Kerala. From each of the subsequent batches our students have been securing places among the top five ranks in the university. In extra curricular activities also, our students have proved their mettle by participating and winning in various events of the University Youth Festivals and also national level athletic meets. Twice from our department students won the ‘Star of India’ title in ball badminton. We look forward to bringing to the limelight students with rare talents in academic as well as non-academic fields.


Achievements of the Department of Physics
Year %Result University Rank Position Name of Rank Holders
2009 95.1 IV Rejitha R
2010 100 IV Chinnu P.A
2011 100 I Athira T.J
2012 92 V Akhila S Nair


The Department started its UG course on 1998 An Overview of Results of Last Five Years
Year Pass Percentage Position in the University Exam Name of Topper
2013 93 II Mahalakshmi V.J



• Electrical properties of nanoparticles of zinc sulphide – Completed project of UGC by Dr. Sutheertha S Nair.

Nano structured thin films for solar cells – completed project of UGC by Dr. Sindu A Kartha

Important Events 2012 -2013

• Students visited VSSC during the space week celebration. They were able to visit the space museum and to observe rocket launching.

• A trip to Munnar and Veega land was arranged for students of V th semester.

• Students from other departments who had taken Astrophysics as their open course were able to visit Science and Technology museum.

• A quiz was conducted for students in association with Science day celebration. Mahalekshmi V.J and Raji R of VI semester physics got II prize

• Inauguration of the physics Association together with a talk on ‘World of Optics’ was given by Dr. A. Yamuna, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Photonics, Kerala University

• A survey on Energy Usage and Conservation was done by the IV semester students outside the campus. They have given the necessary tips to the public to reduce the consumption of energy.

• An exhibition “Our Tribute to Energy Conservation” was organised by IV semester students. A manuscript magazine “Energy Expo – 2013″ was brought out by the semester students.


Important Events 2013 -2014

• UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on “Materials; Process and Applications of Novel Technologies”(NMAT-2013) has been conducted o 7th and 8th of November,2013.

• Inauguration of Physics Association has been done by Dr.C Mohana Kumaran Nair. He has given an interesting talk on “Physics- Scope and Avenues”.

• A trip to Wayanad and Wonder La(EKM) has been arranged for the students of sixth semester



• Leena.C.S (I semester) secured first prize in the state level cycle polo competition in 2013held at Ernakulam .

  • Dr.Parvathi.M.R
    • Designation :Assisstant Professor

    • Qualifications : MSc, PhD

    • Email id :
    • Phone : 9895703038
    • Experience : 4.5 years of experience
    • Attended Workshops : 1
    • National Seminars Attended: 5
    • Research Experience : 4 years of exp
    • Attended 2 National Seminars
    • Paper Presentations : 2
    • International Paper Published : 1
  • Dr. Sutheertha S Nair
    • Designation :Assistant Professor

    • Qualifications : MSc, BEd, M Phil, PhD

    • Email id :
    • Phone : 0471 2494124 - 9446555263

    • Experience : 15 years of exp
    • Attended 15 National Seminars
    • Paper Presentations : 10
    • Book Published : 1
    • International Paper Published : 2
    • The convenor of the national seminar conducted in the department (NMAT-2013).
    • Member of college Computer club.
    • Member of Internal Quality Assurance cell
    • Completed minor project (Electrical properties of nanoparticles of zinc sulphide) funded by UGC.
  • Dr. Sindu A. Kartha
    • Designation :Assistant Professor

    • Qualifications : MSc, PhD

    • Email id :
    • Phone : 0484 2654592 - 9446514592

    • Experience : 10 years of exp
    • Attended Workshops : 1
    • National Seminars Attended: 5
    • Attended 15 National Seminars
    • Paper Presentations : 5
    • Book Published : 1
    • International Paper Published : 1
    • Member of College Science clubMember of UGC committee.
    • Completed minor project (Nano structured thin films for Solar cells) funded by UGC.
    • Designation :Assistant Professor

    • Qualifications : MSc, MPhil, PhD

    • Email id :
    • Phone : 9446388539

    • Teaching Experience : 5 years of exp
    • Paper Published: 8
    • Paper Published: 8
    • Attended Workshops : 2
    • Attended National Seminars: 12
    • Member in various clubs in the college
    • Nasi Swarnajayanti Puraskar 2011 by National Academy of Sciences, India.