Computer Lab and Internet

The college has a well-equipped Computer lab with 45 computers with internet connectivity, 4 printers and a scanner machine. The lab facilities are utilized by students and staff members for educational purposes. The computer lab acts as a centre for conducting IT related classes, Practical sessions and also as a centre for additional learning. Students utilize the Internet facility for knowledge acquisition, project preparation and extra reading.


Computer based practical classes in Statistics (EXCEL or R), Mathematics( PYTHON) and Physics(C) are also conducted in the lab along with add on courses.


Language Lab


The college has a language lab meant for general use. At present there are six systems including the teacher console. The lab aims at improving communication skills especially in English.


Apart from these , the administrative office and departments of the institution have computer and internet facilities. All the computers are LAN connected.


“Works related to computing are handled by the Computer Assistant, Smt. Riji C N,”

image 7

image 7