Minor Research Project submitted by Dr.Asha R I,Asst Prof,Dept of Malayalam

The Construction of the Women’s Self in Eco Feminism-a Study Based on Three Folk Songs [Ponnirathaal katha,Nilli katha,Poomathai ponnamma]


Folklore is an important medium of the popular culture.It plays a vital role in the cultural history of Kerala.Thekkan Pattukal were evolved during the period of feudalism in Kerala and it holds a mirror upto the lives of the people.It is a culmination of the oral history of the Southern Travancore and its fascinating legends.There are a number of folk songs based on the lives of courageous women who were murdered or being revolutionary.The stories of Neeli , Ponnirathaal and Poomathai Ponnamma are the best suited examples.Their stories deplict the pathetic plight of women in a feudal male dominated society.They were the victims of feudal patriarchy.All the above mentioned stories reflect the history,regions,period and also extends panorama of life and social customs.The stories of Neeli , Ponnirathaal and Poomathai interrogates the popular beliefs and societal taboos prevailed then.Feminity encounters a multitude of restrictions and prejudices in a male dominated society.This is evident in the stories of Neeli, Ponnirathaal and Poomathai .Their voice against injustices were suppressed and they were brutally murdered.At a later period of time , these women became the Mother Goddesses of a specific locality.

By the analysis of the stories of Neeli,Ponnirathaal and Poomathai,this study reveals the cultural circumstances , values,canons and beliefs of the main stream society.This study also gives a vivid picture of the feudal male oriented society.

Any destination in India especially the state of Kerala has its root in history,myths or legends of the state has localised tradition of arts and cuisine and endowed with periodically occurring fairs,festivals and collective activities.The comprehensive analysis of culture attractions of the state and detailed plans showcasing them its pristine form to provide authentic experience to the future band of cultural tourists.This in turn would pave the way for a more suitable form of tourism in our state which is benevolent to the local cultural and the local communities and more meaningful bridgeof understanding between us and the rest of the world.